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iunie 27, 2008 / Adrian

Report: Toca set to sign for Libertatea!

26-year-old romanian international Adrian Toca is set to join romanian media giants Libertatea, well-informed sources confirmed for this blog, ending months of speculation regarding his future. Toca is believed to have agreed terms with the team, and will join them in the first day of the transfer window, july 1.

Coming as a free player, after he quit ProSport for the second time in his career days ago, Toca is said to be thrilled about his move to Pipera-Stadium. „Obviously, it’s a dream move. I cannot be more happier”, he said, after the papers were finally completed. „I feel like having a great chance here. Teaming up with a lot of great players, playing for a big club, which certainly have a big chance to win the title, it gives me a whole new perspective. It’s great!”, a delighted Toca said, while refusing to give details about his contract details.

The flamboyant midfielder briefly appeared in his second stint with ProSport, earlier this season, despite a more succesfull first one, several years back. Thought to be unsetteled and unhappy with his manager, Toca was often heard in the locker room saying he needs a new challenge and wants to play for a club who is able to match his ambitions. Finally, he confronted the management and asked for a transfer. Only a day was enough for him to secure a deal with one of the greatest teams in recent history.

The move is hardly a surprising one: rumours were circulating in the market for months, linking Toca with Libertatea, but both the player and his new club were quick to deny them.

Known as a versatile, big-mouth, hard to please, inconstant, but talented player, Toca was recently criticised for his complaceny, although he alterneted some poor performances with a couple of brilliant ones in the last two years.

He is going to Libertatea in a very important moment for his new club. The seven time romanian media champions are having a furious transfer campaign, in order to win another one next season. „This year we want to win it all. Every single trophy, every single game. We cant afford not to do that”, a source from the club said.

The player will most likely be presented to the media monday, in a news conference. He will wear again number 24.

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  1. Cătălin Apostol / iun. 27 2008 1:45 pm

    Exceleeeeent! Bravo bă, m-ai lăsat paf. Chiar mă întrebam când vei mai scrie pe blog, dar a meritat aşteptarea. Demenţial post. Baftă la noua echipă! Am înţeles că ar avea nevoie şi de un închizător.

  2. iulianv / iun. 27 2008 2:32 pm

    😛 24 e vecin cu cine? ask andrei, the best player in the world and your agent!!!
    să-mi dai şi mie nr impresarului, că vreau să dau o exclusivitate de interviu pe blogul meu!!! 🙂
    p.s. n-ai şi varianta în română? nu de alta, dar nu ştiu dacă a înţeles remeşilă ce ai scris 🙂

  3. Flavius Ionescu / iun. 27 2008 3:30 pm

    Salut, Adi!
    Nu pot sa spun nici ca ma bucur, nici ca-mi pare rau pentru tine, pentru ca nu mai stiu ce este prin acel Ringier! Dar sper sa-ti fie bine.
    Presupun ca te vei ocupa tot de fotbal international, nu?
    Ce mai fac oamenii care lucrau cu tine pe la Sport Total? Au ramas in cadrul presei? Cred ca doar de Sergiu Petre stiu ca e la „Adevarul”.
    Multa bafta la „Libertatea” unde iti doresc sa ai parte de o atmosfera frumoasa.

  4. Rudotel / iun. 27 2008 5:05 pm

    Felicitari, Tocadinho. Sper sa-ti fie mai bine acolo, na… ce pot sa spun.. Imi pare rau ca pleci, dar, daca tie iti va fi bine, nu pot decat sa ma bucur! 😉

  5. Violatorul Carpatin / iun. 27 2008 6:27 pm

    Now that you’re gone, we’ll all miss you. Anyway, I want you’re autograph after the first win of the season. Kind regards,
    Violatorul Carpatin

  6. Where there's fire....there's smoke / iun. 27 2008 6:44 pm

    also former major player has been linked for some time with a move back to the club he joined almost five years ago.

    ex-prosport international insists he has yet to receive any offers but revealed he “would be interested” in a move and said it was “50-50” that he would come at the end of this summer.

    He added on “I still need time to think about it and I haven’t had any major offers. But I am very ambitious. I am still very hungry to achieve something in the short career I still have.”

    “Even now, when I walk outside, I meet fans and they treat me with great respect, which is wonderful to see after all those time”

    He added: “Most importantly, the press suits my style. When I can’t perform week in, week out, it’s very difficult to accept because this is my life. I love being in this bussines because is the best bussines in the world.”

  7. Adrian / iun. 29 2008 1:20 am

    Catalin: Multumesc! 🙂 Cica ar fi semnat deja si inchizatorul. Vine dupa o experienta in Bundesliga 😛

    Iulian: 24 e vecin cu cine… trebuie! 🙂 Mai departe, cu interviul, te descurci, ca doar esti piesa. Numai ca trebuie sa vorbesti cu PR-ul Ringier deja 😀

    Flavius: Salut, bine ai venit pe aici. Mersi si tie pentru mesaj. Nu, n-o sa fiu pe international. Oamenii de la Sport Total sint toti bine si foarte bine. Cel putin aia care conteaza (pentru mine).

    Rudotel: Nu trebuie sa-ti para rau, mie-mi pare bine 🙂

    Violatorul Carpatin: Consider it a deal! 🙂 As for you, are you going to check your options? 😀

    Fire-and-smoke guy: Hai ca avem treaba!

  8. s / iun. 29 2008 10:29 pm

    pai asa mah. cand te roaga omu sa scrii pe blog, bagi k lumea

  9. Doru Gheorghiu / iun. 30 2008 1:58 pm


  10. mariusfrancisc / iul. 8 2008 12:08 pm

    :)) ce tare e doru :)) frate ce-ti mai place championship manageru’.

  11. Tzuni / iul. 12 2008 11:09 am

    “Obviously, it’s a dream move. I cannot be more happier” – asta am zis si eu in urma cu vreun an si ceva… Dar acum, uneori, parca-mi vine sa ma trezesc din vis. Doar uneori.
    N-am vrut sa sune negativ… desi a sunat…

  12. Adrian / iul. 13 2008 9:12 pm

    Oana: N-a sunat negativ. At least for me. E bine ca vrei asta doar uneori. Si, oricum, din orice vis e bine sa te trezesti din cind in cind… Tocmai ca sa poti sa-l apreciezi, treaz fiind, la intreaga lui valoare…

  13. independe / aug. 30 2008 1:26 am

    1. how do you feel at libertatea?
    2. how did your team mates recived you?
    3. what did you knew about this team before choosing it?
    4. did you had some recomandations from other romanian players?
    5. the owner of libertatea said that you’re going to score at least 15 goals. can you promise that to the fans?
    6. the romanian press wrote that you had problems with drugs. it’s that true?
    7. libertatea is known as a spectacular team. your game is similar?
    8. you’ve tried also a different function on the field, in what it didn’t worked?
    9. a message for the fans of libertatea?
    10. can you say, in our language, „libertate(a) campioana”?

    thank you, and good luck!

  14. Radu Restivan / iul. 9 2009 10:20 pm

    M-a inspirat articolul asta 😀

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